Thursday, 22 December 2011

The Night before Christmas

One of my favourite books has got to be The Night before Christmas. Since I can remember, my Father has been reading this story to me. As a little girl he would tuck me in bed having already prepared the biscuits and milk ready for Santa and the carrots out back for the reindeers. As I lay all snuggled in bed he would sit beside me and read...but as time will have it, I grew up and flew the nest. And even though I flew across states he would call me up just before his bedtime and still read me the story where ever I may be pondering at the time. But last year, now 26 and married, he gave me the greatest gift. I received my own copy of The Night before Christmas with a recording of my Fathers voice actually reading the story . With every page turn I will now hear my Father read the story as if he has just snuggled me in bed and after the biscuits and carrots have be laid out for Santa and the reindeers.


  1. Thats adorable! And what a beautiful tradition you can pass down to your children... x

  2. Yes a nice traditional.

    I will always treasure that moment each year.

    Christmas is not Christmas without children.

    Love Dad Ho Ho Ho