Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Is something following you?

Have you ever had one of those days, 24 hours worth maybe 48. Perhaps it was a weeks worth or a month. However long you had this crazy 'thing' around for it just felt like that something was following you? Perhaps you kept seeing this same person everywhere you went, was it an intense smell that over took the tiny hair receptors in your nostrils sending darting messages to your brain or perhaps it has been like mine - a piece of literature, a paragraph of words, an old un-aging prayer that has continually popped up in the last 24hours that it is making you stop. Stop and stand still. Stop and read it.

Last night I watched a movie. Its kind of a funny story. It was in it.

This morning I watched a television show. Private Practice. It was in it.

Today it showed itself on the internet. It was everywhere.

I don't know the purpose of it. But yes God I am listening.
I can't change my past. Sometimes I think that if I close my eyes tight enough, tap my ruby red shoes, sprinkle a little fairy dust and turn anticlockwise 3 times I might just be able to change something. One thing. Just one. And things would be different. Things would make sense. Things might be easier. Maybe if i really did blow out all the candles on the cake in one breath, if I didn't tell the person what I wished for on that shooting star and if I just held that eyelash a little tighter between my thumbs then maybe, just maybe I could change one thing. The problem is if you change one thing it may ripple and change many others. Other things that you may not want to change. And so instead I will say this prayer. Because I have to have faith that the changes that weren't made are the changes that were intended for a bigger purpose. A purpose bigger then you and I.

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  1. Wow, I am amazed when things like that happen! 'coincidences' known as by some, but to me it is a glimmer of God. I think the picture with the words on (like the one above) would look great on a canvas :D