Friday, 24 February 2012

Never Never Land...

Some time ago I was informed of a book through a friend. Sometimes it is the unexpected friend, the one when time has passed begins to shine through a crowded room of people, who's words of hope leaves you feeling comforted and whom you are forever grateful came into your life. This book was my inbetween book. It is called 'Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado'.

I was a good student. In fact I was a great student. If you could be a student fulltime and be paid for it then I wouldn't have needed this book. I have had 17 years of formal education and yet I am still asking that irritating question "What do I want to be when I grow up". I'm 26 and 3/4 quarters and I still wonder if i'll ever leave neverland and find a real job. I have/had the real job but what I seek, what I crave, what I desire is that purpose. To discover the God given talent/s I have and use them - where the intersection of success and satisfaction meets.

Although the book in the end didn't tell me, as much as I had hoped whether through a divine intervention or a survey, if I should be a cook, doctor, vet, florist, fireman, pilot, banker, mother or writer - it did however provide me with some very deep questioning opportunites and something that made me smile - that I am unique. We all have tools, talents, qualities that if we use them make us feel successful, satisfied, happy or fulfilled. It is about identifying those moments in your life where you felt truly complete - I guess. That moment when you have said 'I could do this....'. Perhaps you overcame a fear of public speaking to realise only that you wanted to do it again, you revived a sick plant back to full health, baked a cake without using instructions, built a stereo from a kit, taught yourself how to play guitar, organised the school formal...the lists go on. The key is identifying that Sweet Spot, "When you did something well that also gave you a feeling of accomplishment- not matter how trivial it may seem.''And then seeing those situations for what they contain; strengths, themes, conditions, relationships and the YES moment.

The challenge now is finding the job to go with it - the Sweet Spot.

"Use your uniqueness. Don't see yourself as a product of your parents DNA, but rather...

as a brand-new-idea from heaven."


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