Monday, 7 January 2013

52 weeks of thankfulness

In 2010 I was a young lady loving the riches of my life. Newly wed. Living in a wonder of happiness.

But by mid-year my world turned upside spinning uncontrollably as Dorothy did.

By 2011 my tornado spun. Destroying so much in its path. Relationships and self worth became tiny fragments of hurt and uncertainty.

But all things must land. For what goes up must come down.

And in 2012 this tornado finally landed in Oz. A time where self discovery was the key to returning home. I befriended all the characters of Oz. I would see this year in search of courage, a brain and a heart. And I would then find my way home.

Home. To see a woman in the reflection of the mirror.

And now 2013. A year to be thankful. For I have clicked my ruby red heels and found home. It is not in the walls I call a house. It is not with the people whom I have to be around to feel a part of their lives and it is not in the career I would eagerly give my all.

But home is where my heart is called to feel inspired, curious and where I can fall.
For I now know God and a man who will catch me.

So this is my plan.


You see March will bring about a new location, a new house, a new job, a new group of friends, a new breakfast spot, a new church for my husband and I. And so instead of filling my sponge brain that is so willing to except all things doubtful I will see this year for its thank-ings. Yes this year is going to be about,

52 weeks of saying seeing thanks

I live a privileged life. A blessed life. And so instead of focusing on the what ifs and if I had that.....I want to focus on the I am thankful for...*insert item, person, opportunity, emotion of the week*.  So the plan may sound superficial, obsolete, insensitive to list a bunch of people, feelings, materials that I am thankful for. But perhaps by changing my perspective on the things I take for granted I will in fact empower myself to change the attitude of myself (and perhaps of others) of seeing the things I am thankful for (instead of things I wish I had).

So what do you think?



  1. Jess, I love this more than you will ever know!
    I think that maybe each week, you dedicate a blog post to what you are thankful for... so that continually you are seeing thanks and placing thanks on all things at various intervals of your life.
    I am so honoured to bear witness to the greatness of you

  2. Eva, so glad I could pull on those heart strings :)
    I definitely will blog my thankfulness as little or as big as it will be seen.

  3. You write like a pro.
    Can you please write a novel? I wouldn’t put it down!
    This is lovely, and I think you'll find that you'll get SO much out of taking the time to appreciate the little things…
    I am thankful for YOU! xx

    1. Aww my dear bluebird I am thankful for YOU! (and miss Eva above).
      You ladies give me courage and spirit that I have longed for!
      May my writing continually be spirited by you.